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A carving bench?

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ronbill created the topic: A carving bench?

Hi folks,

I need some help! I need to move my carving paraphernalia from downstairs to the loft. That means I need to build a small carving bench. I'm thinking a small bench maybe 4' X 3' X 34” high. It should incorporate a down draft table to catch all the dust and chips before the wife catches me. Has anybody seen plans or even pictures of such an animal? I sure would appreciate any leads.



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Hi Ron

Don't know about the carving bench side so much, but there's a pretty neat downdraft sanding table. Maybe you could combine one of these with a carving clamp?

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chips replied the topic: small bench

I was at a carving show and they were selling a small box with a motor and a hole in it. When you turned it on, it sucked up the chips and the fumes from burning...cost as I remember was about 80.00.
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ronbill replied the topic: Re: A carving bench?

Thanks guys,

The article you referenced, Scrit had some interesting points. Provided some good information on things to watch out for.

I have found a couple places that either have plans for a downdraft table or sell them. The thing I need is some ideas about how to incorporate the down draft table into a comfortable, efficient, clean, sturdy, carving site (Wow, I don't want much do I?). I believe I could build one from a good picture.

Let me know if you happen to run into anything.

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ronbill replied the topic: Re: A carving bench?

I couldn't even find a picture of what I was looking for so I designed my own. A picture is posted in the gallery. It has eight drawers, three cabinets two of which can be locked to keep little fingers safe and is powered by a 12 gallon 5 HP ShopVac.

I decided on shallow drawers because it seems like every time I need something it is in the bottom of the drawer and that can be a little dangerous when working with sharp tools.

I pieced it together from scraps left over in the shop. The top is made from 2-inch square stock. I cut square stock so I could turn it so that the best looking side faced up. Kind of makes it look like the oak is quarter sawn. I have some preliminary plans with dimensions if anyone is interested.


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