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chips replied the topic: Home despot!

Well I was right! Home despot is still screwing around!! Have called 4 or 5 times no one will get back to me with anything that makes any sense? Emailed the company, no response.....guess I will buy locally from a little shop here in town...at least I know who I am dealing with, he has a Jet contractors saw on saw for $599.00....looking at that!
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chips replied the topic: ts

I just saw a Bosch model 4000 on that is a very interesting saw! Wonder if anyone knows anything about it....I am tempted LOL
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replied the topic: Re: tablesaws?

Hey Chips,

Don't be so quick to put down Ryobi. I have been using the Ryobi BT3000 for years and really like it! But then maybe I'm a little weird. I put a Forrest blade on it and I have no trouble cutting through 2-inch oak. The sliding miter table it comes with has saved me many bucks in accessories and let even a novice like me do some pretty fancy work. And, oh yea, the $459 price isn't too hard to take either. Take a look at for a review of the newer BT3100 and links to the forum. You may not think much of Ryobi but I think it would be a good idea to take a quick look anyway. If you go to the forum you will also get a good idea of some of the drawbacks of the saw too.

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chips replied the topic: ryobi

Thanks for the article, I read it, but have my doubts...you see I bought the bandsaw and it was such a piece of junk, I took it back and it left a bad taste in my mouth for Ryobi! I used to go to the Ryobi forum and read where they all swore by their saws, but they were continually telling each other how to fix them? Sorry, guess I am hardheaded LOL
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cabinetmaker60 replied the topic: Ryobi Tale Saw

Hi : I must agree with everybody about Ryobi products! My kids bought me one for christmas and its all I thought it was(Junk). I was torn between taking it back or keeping it as the kids had bought it for me and it sat around for a month before I opened it. I guess maybe I spoiled because I'm used to using Professal saws at work but, These tools will surely make any beginer throw up there hands in dispair. The first thing I noticed was the usual crummy fence. Increments are impossible to find or keep. I used the saw to make pickets for a deck the saw bogged down under 2x8x 1-1/2" rips. When I 45ed the saw the gears stripped. :( I think from what I've seen Ridgid is the choice saw for the money ....................................cabinetmaker60
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chips replied the topic: tablesaw

Well....got shined on by home despot long enough! I bought a Delta on sale at True Value yesterday. I wanted the Ridgid but not worth listening to all the excuses and b.s. Delta at least is very good about making it right if you have something wrong...and I haven't had any complaints about the Delta tools I have...

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