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chips created the topic: tablesaws?

I have been waiting 2 years to get my tablesaw and had planned to get the new 3612 Ridgid, now that I am ready, Ridgid sells out their woodworking tool side to "Ryobi" of all people! Now I wouldn't give you a dime for Ryobi...so now what? I have only had two tablesaws and they were both Shopsmiths! good saws but they don't give me any reference material to look at other saws!! I looked at toolking site and the have a Jet 708775K 13/4 hor sealed cab (door) free shipping and 2 year warranty. Does anyone know this saw? Or is there something else? The Ridgid is still a good saw and a good price, problem is....will they honor their lifetime warranty down the road??
  • rdestler

rdestler replied the topic: Re: tablesaws?

I have JET 708715PK / JTAS-10X50-W1 3 HP, 10", Right Tilt, Xacta Saw with 50" Xacta Fence. Its a great saw, accurate plenty of power. It has handle everthing I throu at it even 2" thinck white oak. I can't tell you about the jet 1 3/4 hor. but if your doing alot of woodworking more than a hobby I would say keep saving and go for a good cabinet saw. I have no complaintes on Jet Tools I have serval other jet tools and they all have been great.
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luther replied the topic: Ryobi tools

Chips--I believe Ryobi/SEARS may fool us all.
Sears, if nothing else, is a very competative company & I do not think for a minute that they will not control their own designs.(They are always in the drivers seat, not their suppliers)
Ryobi in my opinion has the ability to mfg. excelent tools if the market is there.
With Sears backing I believe we will see this happening.
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dipdog replied the topic: Table saw

Hi Chips,
I have a Jet contractor saw and it is the best investment I ever made. I got the 30" Exacta fence with it and couldn't be happier. There was very little set up required, just verifying the 45 and 90 degree stops. After setting it up, I did the nickle test with 6/4 black walnut. Stood the nickle on edge, started the saw and ripped the board, then turned the saw off. The nickle never moved. Very acurate and stable. Cost was appx. $1000. After using a radial arm saw for a few years, I was more than ready to move up. Wish i had done it earlier. :oops:

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wizard replied the topic: Re: tablesaws?

8) Hi Chips
I Have the Ridgid 3612 for the money they are a great saw. They still have to be made to Ridgid standards no matter who makes them.
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chips replied the topic: tablesaw

thanks for the replies everyone, there are several I really like, powercraft, jet, delta...grizzly...but the Ridgid has a lifetime warantee, is a really nice saw and is only 597.00 so unless home depot screws around more than they have! I will get the Ridgid 3612.

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