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Starting from scratch - help!

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Suzy created the topic: Starting from scratch - help!

Hi, This site looks great, and I will definitely be introducing my husband to it :D
Anyway, my husband has recently developed a desire to learn woodworking. He has a book, but currently asbsolutely no tools! We are newly married, and just buying a house so budget is an issue...
Anyway, I would like to get him started with some basic tools he will need for making basic furniture - a bench, box etc. However I don't want to get cheap tools that will not last. I think he will also need a workbench.
Can anyone recommend which tools are most essential initially, and which brands are good??? I will be eternally grateful :wink:
  • Messman

Messman replied the topic: Re: Starting from scratch - help!

You can get many different answers to this question, to which none are really wrong. I would suggest the following to start with:

Circular saw
Jig saw
cordless drill
Clamps of various sizes and types
some hand tools (hammer/screw drivers/hand saw/etc)
Table saw is recommended but not required. You can make the same cuts with a circ. saw using guides and such but it is much easier and can be more accurate with a table saw.

I do not recommend brands. They all have there hard core followers and they all have negative and positive sides. I would recommend to get a few issues of some woodworking mags that have tool reviews or do some research on them on the net. I would also check to see if you have any woodworking clubs in your area. The folks there could help him get started, or maybe find someone who does woodworking as a hobby who can help him as well. The reason I suggest this is because there are many different areas of woodworking that may or may not interest him, and they all require differnt tools. The tools I listed above tend to be common across most of them. But again you will find differing ideas on this subject.

MYV8ROX replied the topic: Good for you!

The previous reply about said it all.

I can add two things to it...

Always remember, It's not about getting it done, it's about DOING it!

Follow that and you will have many years enjoying both the successes and failures.

The other is that he certainly found the right partner! :) :) :)

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