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Fence for Craftsman table saw?

  • djb25
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djb25 created the topic: Fence for Craftsman table saw?

Hi everyone,

I have an older craftsman table saw (it's probably circa 1995-96). It's a cheaper model, nothing special (direct-drive blade, stupid little t-tracks that do not fit anything, etc.).

My problem is that the fence on the saw is something of a piece of crap. It doesn't hold it's place very well, it never seems to line up square, etc.

I can't afford to buy a new saw at this point (i'm a poor law student, who does some woodwork to relieve stress), so I was hoping there was something I could do to improve the fence on this saw. Are there better replacements available? Something else I could do?

I'm going to try to add a pic of the saw for reference...

Thanks in advance for any advice!

- Damion

  • hansolo

hansolo replied the topic: Re: Fence for Craftsman table saw?

i have alot older saw than that craftsman also i threw the rip fence in the corner went to lowes bought a heavy piece of angle iron for around 8 dollars and measure off the blade and use two c clamps and clamp it to the table very very accurate and cheap

  • jfp

jfp replied the topic: Re: Fence for Craftsman table saw?

I had a similar problem with a Delta bandsaw. Fortunately, at the local Rockler, i found this:
A24 -- 24" All in One Clamp (also, 12, 48, 96" lengths)
basically, a straight edge that can adjust in length and clamp (tightly) to any surface with 2 parallel edges.
Lay it across your saw top, adjust length, square off with framing sq etc, lock the clamp.

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