How many times have you been standing on a ladder somewhere, trying fix a light, install Christmas Light hangers or some other repair and you discover that the nuts and bolts or nails you need are in one of your pockets, and you forget which one … and the fumbling begins.

STOP – Imagine if you had some sort of a device that held those nuts and bolts or nails or screws, or even a spare tool or two in case you needed them in an easy to find and readily available place. Every time I am standing on a chair, ladder or crawling around under a sink, I would give any amount of money to have the parts and tools I need easily available … well now you can.

The Tool Belt Bandit is worth every penny, in fact I bought three of them because, depending on the job I am doing, I can put one on each arm … now think about this for a second, it makes sense. If you are right handed the left belt holds my spare tools while the right one holds nails, screw or whatever, because when I am nailing I hold the nails in my left hand. It makes life SO much easier it is unbelievable.

Let me tell you the part I love the best. I doesn't matter if I am working on the house, installing something inside, outside or working on the car, I ALWAYS have different sizes of nails, screws, nuts and bolts or some other parts. With the Tool Belt Bandit now I can easily have several different fasteners all on the same band, and all easily and readily available. This thing is a wonder.

I'll bet you are wondering where the third belt when aren't you? Well if you have some other person in your house who does almost any kind of a hobby or craft, the Tool Belt Bandit will come in handy for them too. In my case, my wife is a sewer and quilter. Now if you have known anyone who worked with fabrics and pins, you will know they have been WAY ahead of us woodworkers and mechanics in trying to adapt pin holders … well now, with the Tool Belt Bandit, they can also have readily available pins, and all I different sizes easily and readily available. Want to make someone else happy, get them a Tool Belt Bandit.


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