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8 Great Free Woodworking Podcasts and Videocasts

Woodworking PodcastVideocast and podcast are a great way to keep in the know with subjects that interest you and woodworking is no exception. Below we'll list some great woodworking podcasts and videocasts that we've enjoyed.

1.) Woodsmith Magazine Videocasts

Although Woodsmith call them "podcasts" they're really videocasts, or to be more precise, they're video of the monthly woodworking seminars they put on. You can watch their podcasts online at the Woodworking Online site or download each episode from their site so you can play it on your favourite media player.

2.) Splintered Board Podcast

Hosted by Rick Waters, the Splintered Board Podcast shares his experiences as a newcomer to the hobby of woodworking. Rick offers both Audio and Video casts on Splintered Board Website.

3.) The Renaissance Woodworker

Shannon Rogers of The Renaissance Woodworker offers a great woodworking videocast. The videos mostly cover the art of fine furniture making and hand tool tips. The videocast can be watched on The Renaissance Woodworker site.

Logan Cabinet Shopp

4.) Cabinetmaker Bob Rozaieski offer a series of woodworking Videocast at his site the Logan Cabinet Shoppe. Like the Renaissance Woodworker, Bob Rozaieski focus mostly on fine furniture making including topic on the tools and Techniques he uses. The Videocast can be viewed at Logan Cabinet Shoppe's podcast page.

Spoken Wood Podcast

5.) Spoken Wood Podcast by Matt's Basement Workshop covers a variety of amateur woodworking topics. At a 100 shows at the time we wrote this, it's one of the longest running woodworking podcasts on the net. You can listen to the podcast online at the Matt's Basement Workshop site.

GarageWoodworks Video Podcast

6.) Brian Grella at the GarageWoodworks Video Podcast offer video covering useful woodworking tips and topics. His video can be watched online at GarageWoodworks Video Podcast site.

Stu's Shed Podcast

7.) Stu's Shed Podcast by Stuart Lees is another great woodworking videocast that covers wide-ranging woodworking topics. Stu's Shed Podcast is a Apples iTunes only podcast. You can find out more about it at Stu's Apple iTunes page.


8.) Well, we couldn't finish this article without some shameless promotion by including ourselves. Woodworkweb produces regular videos on woodworking. Our latest videos will always be on the front page of our site, our complete list of videos can be found at the top of our woodworking videos page and you can always check-out our Youtube channel.

Do you know of other Woodworking related podcasts? Please leave a comment to let us know about them.

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