Reminder - Shop Safety BASICS

 Good housekeeping helps prevent injuries and increases workshop efficiency. Winter is a busy time in many  workshops. Good shop management prevents injuries and improves the efficiency of repair operations. This article from the Farm Safety Association applies to workshops in industry and at home, as people prepare for spring projects.
Keep it clean Many injuries result from poor housekeeping in the shop. Trips, slips and falls account for the bulk of these mishaps.

Dust Control - How to Make it Easy on Yourself

 Even woodworkers are tuning in to better health. This must be the reason dust collectors , air purifiers and wet / dry vacs have become the latest topic of conversation. There are all sorts of different studies that show that wood dust is harmful, especially over long periods of time, and even mover harmful to those who already have respiratory problems.

Some leading edge companies have really taken the dust control topic to highly scientific level while others are content to just get on the bandwagon with anything for the marketplace and hope for the best. So what is the best way to choose a dust control system and where does one begin, well, click below to read more ...

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