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Krylon Spray Stain

 " WOW … That's the best word I can use to describe the new spray-on stain from Krylon. When I first heard of this product I was a bit skeptical, after all how could someone actually put a stain in a spray can that wouldn't clog up the nozzle. Well, someone at Krylon figured out how to do it, and it works like a charm!
I am quite familiar with Krylon products, I have used a number of them and they are all excellent. This new spray-can stain is another excellent product. The reason a spray stain is so attractive is because there are a lot of projects that are difficult (and messy) to get at with typical paint brush or wipe on stains. This new product is not only a welcome addition, it is going to replace some old standbys in my shop.
I was truly amazed at how well the product sprays on, penetrates the wood and leaves a very even coating. The can says that you can spray the stain on and leave it or you can wipe some of it off to allow the wood grain to show through. We tried both methods and both worked, but being woodworkers at heart, the wipe off method colored the wood nicely and still left the grain showing through. The other bonus is that it dries very quickly which is handy if you are going to put another clear coat on top.

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The one thing that makes this product stand apart is the newly designed nozzle. When you first see it you can see that it is quite different looking that the traditional nozzles we have used for decades. This new nozzle works exceedingly well, the coverage is great and the contents are sprayed evenly, which is the whole purpose.

The Krylon products are widely available but not every hardware supply carries the product. To save you some a trip … click the link to see the list of dealers where this can be purchased.
If there was any kind of a down side (and frankly, we struggled very hard to find any kind of a problem) the product only comes in four shades at the moment. Having said that, they are among the most popular tones so this product will still give a very broad spectrum of color tones for most woodworkers.
We are very bullish on this product, it exceeded our expectations in terms of coating, color, evenness of tone and drying time. Remember, it is not necessarily the product for everything but it will surely do an excellent job on all of those hard to stain and complex projects … or, if all you need is a small job or some touch up work done. We loved this product.

Copyright - Colin Knecht

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0 #4 Administrator 2011-07-08 12:28
We don’t get anything from Krylon, the product was bought from our local store … ads you see on the side are from Google, Rocker and Toolking.
0 #3 U. 2011-07-08 10:30
I notice you have advertisements on your site -- do you get anything from Krylon (or anyone) for your review/recommendation.


0 #2 Administrator 2011-06-13 13:32
Try your local Home Depot ... if they don't have it, you can get it from Amazon:
+1 #1 ann 2011-06-12 20:55
do you know where i can buy this in Adelaide SA Aust or can I purchase on line.

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