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Radial arm saw

  • Jimmied
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Jimmied created the topic: Radial arm saw

Well, it's time for me to sop lurking and get my feet wet. I am new to woodworking and I need some advice. I picked up a DeWalt 16" production radial arm saw for a VERY good price. When I got it I figured that I would be able to work into it. After reading the forums the radial arm saw doesn't seem to be the saw of choice. Should I sell it and get a cabinet saw, or hang on and go for the gusto? I will appreciate any comments.

  • dipdog
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dipdog replied the topic: Re: Radial arm saw

Hi Jim,
I used to have a radial arm saw. It did a nice job for crosscutting and miters as long as it was properly tuned. The day my ex launched a piece of wood across the street while doing a rip cut was all it took for me to get rid of it and buy a table saw. Granted all saws can have a nasty kickback, but the location of the blade in respect to the woodworker is dangerous. Just the cutting direction of the blade makes it a hazard for anything except cross cuts in my opinion. I never had any issues with the quality of cuts, except dados, my only issue was safety. Hope I didn't ramble too much. :oops:
  • Jimmied
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Jimmied replied the topic: Re: Radial arm saw

Thanks for the info. Sounds kinda scarey! It'd be my misfortune to launch a chunk of wood at me and I'm not partial to being a pin cushion. I guess I'll start hunting up a good table saw, at least they aren't as complicated to keep tuned and maintained.

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steve07 replied the topic: Re: Radial arm saw

If it has a riving knife and anti kick back prawls and they are tuned right and you saw is properly tuned just like any other power tool its safe when used properly. My father swore by the ras and did anything a table saw could do with it. Just purchased one myself but have only used it on small projects myself. wished I would have paid more attention to himtoo late now.

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