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air carver

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PERUTURNER created the topic: air carver

Hi does someone knows who sells a air carver the same type of an air grinder I saw one in the trent bosh video (vessels of Ilussions) and will like to get one for me to start carving ED
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ronbill replied the topic: Re: air carver

There are several places that sell air driven rotary carvers but the two that I know of are:

Wood Carvers Supply, Inc. (1-800-248-6229). They sell the “Turbo Carver” for about $200 I seem to remember. It is a great carver and never needs oil. You should be able to power it with a relatively small compressor (Say about 1 hp or so). ( www.woodcarverssupply.com )

A company I really enjoy dealing with is “Christian J. Hummul”. They sell the Foredom 350K air turbine kit but I don't remember the price. Foredom is a well-known company but I have not heard anything about their air driven carver yet. (1-800-762-0235) Or ( www.hummul.com ) Hummul appears to be a small family business and every time I deal with them I come away very pleased.

Hope this helps.


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