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Help me choose my next driver plzzzzzzz>>>>>>>

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boardstretcher created the topic: Help me choose my next driver plzzzzzzz>>>>>>>

I to am in the market for a new drill...

What I have now:
1) 3/8" corded B&D (don't even know how I acquired this drill but can't bring myself to get rid of it)
2) 3/8" corded Makita (I like this drill quite a bit but, it does have a cord attached to it)
3) 18V cordless Ryobi (part of a set bought @ HD. This drill has served me well and been used ALOT more than the Makita primarily b/c it's cordless. Downside is that the batteries were left in the charger to long & I think the heat has really taken its toll on the battery life.

What I'm thinking & what it will be used for:
1) I've recently gotten into woodworking and have grown weary of 20 min batt life in my ryobi. I consider myself a novice woodworker w/ big ambitions.
2) I'm 100% I want to go cordless.
3) I'm planning on adding a drill press to my garage shop as soon as $ allows.
4) This drill will be primarily for driving screws.
5) Comfort & weight are BIG things to consider for me (~ 10 yrs ago, I shattered one of my wrists & have lost about 50% of the strength in that wrist).
6) One other thing I should consider is that I own a brick house & there have been a half dozen or so times in the last year or so that I think an impact would have come in handy for boring into the brick for whatever reason I need too.

Of course, $ is a factor.
I recently looked (Lowes) @ the Hitachi 18V Li ion drill/impact driver combo for $269. This is definately more than I want to spend but, I could prob be talked into it.
I REALLY liked the way these two drivers felt in my hand. Total weight and balance was spot on for me.;)

What do you all think...should I just get a ryobi impact driver from HD ($119 for 18V cordless impact)? Going this way will allow me to use the new batt's in the already owned ryobi set of tools. Out of the ryobi set the only other tool used much at all is the small trim saw. The batteries are not 100% shot, they still have a lil life left. Should I just suck it up and spend the $ for the Hitachi set?

Edited to note that I just saw that HD has a makita drill/impact 18V Li ion set w/ 2 batt's for $214.

I'm also curious how everyone feels about buying used and/or refurbished drivers???:S ...

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PaulD replied the topic: Re: Help me choose my next driver plzzzzzzz>>>>>>>

Welcome to the site boardstretcher
Well, my personal opinion would be to go with Makita … simply because they make solid tools. I’ve never had any issues with the two I own. You can also look at the reviews for their tool, and you’ll see that they are always good! Also, I have a few buddies in the trades that use Makita, abuse the hell out of them, and they still keep running.
Another alternative for you might be Bosch … they also make a great drill/driver.
It does sound like you would be better off with a drill/impact combo. After I got my impact driver I wondered how I ever lived without it before.
One thing you might want to consider is going with a 12-volt instead of 18-volt as it would be easier on your wrist. A GOOD 12-volt will do most of the day to day jobs in a shop just fine.
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colin replied the topic: Re: Help me choose my next driver plzzzzzzz>>>>>>>

Drills and drivers ... yup, a lot to know about them.
First of all, before you throw out our corded drills, hang on to them, you will find they actually do come in handy when you are working on your workbench and need a bit extra power OR you need a drill bit in one unit and a driver bit in another.
I love Makita, but I bought one unit that for some reason the bits ALWAYS come loose in the chuck. I sent it for warranty update, they changed the chuck and same issue, so good quality units also have their problems.
The new Nickle Metal Hydride units are FAR superior to the old NiCads, lot of benefits, but you can read up on that elsewhere.

The next thing is power versus weight, ie 12volt, 14v, 18v. If it is your ONLY drill, you might want 18v even if it is heavier. If you think you need a driver more than a drill, 12 or 14 might be ok, and a corded when you need it (ie when using a Kreg Pocket Hole system on your work bench).

Some of the drill driver sets available offer best of both (I have the Milwaukee 12v system and love it, nice a light, decent power, interchangeable batteries many different tools available) BUT I also use my corded drills from time to time when I need more power.

You have some tough decisions ahead and lots of choice. I love Milwaukee and Makita, excellent quality competitively priced.

Hope this helps ...

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