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Newbie help

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pander created the topic: Newbie help

My FIL is a big woodworker. I have learned a lot from him over the years. He has a shop to die for but his scale is not my intended craft area, though I can use most of his stuff to do what I want to do.

Smaller crafts and craftwork is where I am heading. I have shopped for tools and have a nice list. Fortunately I needn't buy them all at once and can hopefully use the craft to generate money to add to them.

I realize asking for brands isn't necessarily appropriate but I do have a question when it comes to smaller versions of standard tools. Proxxon looks pretty good and some of their products are priced very nice.

Does anyone here have any experience with them? I don't want to buy junk nor do I want to over buy for a hobby. If it takes off I'll let the hobby buy my tools but I don't want to be buying garbage either.

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