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Creation of a tool

  • hidamen
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hidamen created the topic: Creation of a tool

Hello All,

I'm from Brazil and i need some help in develop a tool for a specific kind of wood cut from the DIY kind.

But first i'll explain the whys.

I'm a aeromodelist and even in Brazil the balsa wood is extremely expensive, after some research i've discovered another type of wood that's used for the same purpose on Portugal and it's called Caixeta wood.

My actual problem is how do i cut a board with 1 meter (or more for 1 meter and 1 millimeter or 2 or even 3 millimeters of thickness homogenized i mean the same thickness from the beginning to the end have a real consistent value of thickness is my real issue.

So looking for experienced people on this subject I've ended on this forum, if anyone have any idea or give me some north to follow I'll be thankful.

Really thanks in advance
  • ddboarm
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ddboarm replied the topic: Re:Creation of a tool

First, I would recommend a bandsaw as the cutting instrument. I would also recommend a wheel that is precisely set to keep the stock firm against the fence. Before you begin any of the cutting, though, make sure you have planed a perfectly square piece of stock.

Hope that gives you some ideas.

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