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Cutting plexiglass

  • mawoodzy
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mawoodzy created the topic: Cutting plexiglass

:?: Can anyone tell me the best tool to cut plexiglass. I've tried scoring it with a hand tool but it does not snap off clean. I've tired using a jig saw, but the sawblade melts the plexiglass and leaves messy edges.
  • wooood67
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wooood67 replied the topic: Re: Cutting plexiglass

In the past I once reversed the fine cutting blade on my table saw and cut a piece to make a jig to hold a router for hollowing out a solid piece of cherry to make a jewery box.

This left a pretty smooth edge and didn't melt. Use a steady feed rate.

Siding installers cut vinyl siding with a blade intalled backwards skillsaw.

Hope this helps.

  • shopteacher
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shopteacher replied the topic: Re:Cutting plexiglass

The best way to cut plexi is with a carbide blade, tablesaw or miter saw. Makes a really nice edge.

Also you can get a special scraper tool that cleans up plexi edges that are rough.
  • rclarke
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rclarke replied the topic: Re:Cutting plexiglass

A high count carbide blade with negative rake used on a table saw is the best system I have found. I use a 100 tooth carbide 5 deg rake mitersaw blade with total success for cutting plexiglass.

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