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single end tenner?

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Shadowcast created the topic: single end tenner?

A job application for a wood technician at a university lists desirable experience to include the 'Practical use of an overhead router, woodturning lathes and single end tenner '. The overhead router and lathe experience isn't a problem.. but I don't even know what a single end tenner is.. unless I know it as something else. Can anyone throw any light on this please.

thanks, Dave
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Messman replied the topic: Re: single end tenner?

Is that suppose to be single end tennen? or something along that line?
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Shadowcast replied the topic: Re: single end tenner?

Thanks for the comprehensive reply. I've a good idea now, obviously the advert was written by an audio typist.
Scrit, the overhead router I used was a green one! lol.. no, as far as i remember it was a Wadkins but no idea what model number or if they make more than 1.. I only used it over a couple of weeks at a friends workshop several years ago, when making some sash windows down in Cornwall.
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Hi Dave

Probably was a Wadkin, the only other ones you see many of are the SCMs (although come to think of it te were green for a while, too - and sand, and white.... :? ). I was just curious as I've recently had one job applicant who referred to having used an "overhead router" when in reality he meant a power hand router! When I showed him my Wadkin he was somewhat non-plussed to say the least. Oh and Wadkin made loads - LS, UX, UR, etc, etc......

BTW, if you want to read up on the single-end tenoner, the best book I can think of is F.E.Sherlock's "Machine Woodworking Technology for Hand Woodworkers" (Stobart Davies ISBN 0 85442 041 X) which has a chapter devoted to the subject (and for that matter one on the overhead router).


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Looking at a saomad ut4 tenoner, still have your single end tenoner. Is the ut4 pretty fast to set up? Can it handle 10/4 white oak with out bogging down? What's the set up time to change different size tenons and shoulder lengths?
What are the machines faults?


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colin replied the topic: Re: single end tenner?

Here is a video that will help you see how it works to ... or at least how this single end version works.


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