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Bandsaw blade snapping

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I purchased a new (2 wheel) bandsaw 3 months back, at first the blade wandered a bit as it was cutting, so I tightened it and all seemed ok.. but a couple of days later the blade snapped, a new one installed all seemed ok, no wandering this time, blade appeared to be running on both drive and pulley wheel in a straight line, but a week later the blade snapped again. I'm now on my fifth blade.. in three months! Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be going wrong and what I should do about it? is probably not a machine problem but not sure. the band saw is a Charnwood W710 benchtop model and can be seen at although judging from the 'pigeon english' manual that came with it, it isn't made by them.
thanks for your time
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rdestler replied the topic: Re: Bandsaw blade snapping

Frist I would check that I'm not putting too much tesion on the blade.
Another ting too check is the upper and lower wheels line up. If they are not line up right this can cause the blades too break and wounder. check you mannual for the saw to see what they remend for linging up the wheels. You should as so have a number to call them. but make sure your tension is not too tight. Your mannual should cover blade tension.
Hope this helps.
Have Fun Keep Safe
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The bandsaw in the picture looks just like the Ryobi..I bought one and couldn't take it back fast enough! But that aside I just replaced the blade of my bandsaw (Ridgid 14) and put a wolf brand blade on it (Suffolk Machinery) and what a difference! It is like day and night, smoother running, sounding, cutting and the price was fair as well. Try this www.suffolkmachinery.com/index.html
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Thanks for that Chips, some very good advice on that site as well.


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