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Router Table

  • scroller2ca
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scroller2ca created the topic: Router Table

Does anyone have any good recommendation for a portable router table ?
Maxium price approx. $400. Canadian. Thanks
  • Bloggy
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Bloggy replied the topic: Re: Router Table

don't know how far along in woodworking you are, but if you have a counter top guy near you you can steal the cutout from a laminated counter top from his trash, and build your own.

get a drop in router insert tingy ( about forty bucks )

and a 2 1/4 evs bosch router, or whatever you like ( you may want an
evs for panel raising and big bits )

total: about 250 bucks tops.
  • Messman
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Messman replied the topic: Re: Router Table

There are plenty of plans for router tables / Benches. You can find a few free plan links at my site members.cox.net/messman123/messman.htm

All the plan links on my site are free. Lets us know what you decide to do and show it too us.
  • Airschulte
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Airschulte replied the topic: Router Table

Yes I know of tons of places to go for a portable. Do you want an open or closed base unit?


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