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Recent activities

  • Glen replied to the topic 'Adjustable play table' in the forum.
    To get back on topic here :laugh: I decided the legs won't be 2" square. I've backed that down to 1 1/2" square. I just couldn't see leaving that extra weight in there. Might only shave a few lbs off but hey,, it's lighter!!

    The trim around the ply will also get an upgrade to 2" tall. That will allow me 2 pocket screws & glue to hold the corners tighter together.
    17 hours 55 minutes ago
  • GiddyUp994 created a new topic ' To route or not to route, this is the question !' in the forum.
    Hi everyone,

    I have a question for you. Should Butcher Blocks always have a "Au jus" trough routed around it? I am seeing one out of five customers requesting a butcher Block without it and I basically have to keep two to four blocks on hand for any given pattern which can tie up a good deal of wood if I am to have both on hand.

    For my 12- 14" Cheese and or veggie Blocks I do not route the trough and everyone accepts them without question and some will use the blocks for both veggies and cooked meats. This has me second guessing myself. I have discussed this with some of them and basically they are bot fussed either way once I give them my view on them. Thought I would throw this out on the forums and see what opinions other woodworkers may have on this.

    22 hours 31 minutes ago
  • GiddyUp994 replied to the topic 'Hall Table Project' in the forum.
    23 hours 17 minutes ago
  • Glen created a new topic ' Adjustable play table' in the forum.
    My Daughter & SIL asked me to make a play table for Weston. And of course they wanted it adjustable. Can't be a simple table you know!! Adjusts from Adjusts from 16" to 26 1/2". More if I go with the wider trim around the top.

    Since this is a painted piece I will be using Poplar.

    At any rate this is the idea I came up with. It adjusts easily & should be very sturdy. The prototype is of one corner in the finished look. I may make the trim 3" wide to better resemble the aprons. 1 3/8" M&T joints,, rather than pocket screws since he now likes to climb & jump on the aprons. The leg boxes will have biscuits & glue rather than the drywall screws. Legs are 2" square.

    The leg keys are 5/8" Oak dowels with a basic wooden knob from Lowes. I might make the knobs from some Ebony I have.



    For those that are still looking any & all feedback is appreciated!!
    23 hours 57 minutes ago
  • Glen thanks user 'Colin' in the forum message ' Hall Table Project'.