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  • I am of very Senior status but still like being active in my favorite woodworking hobby. My last two projects included a King size bed and a new set of cabinets in my kitchen, I am now working on a Bookcase and six new chairs for my dining room.
    less than a minute ago
  • tonychar replied to the topic 'toy vehicle patterns' in the forum.
    I buy from this guy all the time he has cars trucks trains farm gear all types of plans for sale cheap he has paypal if you a worried still has free plans on his site to.ive got all his truck and trailer plans starting on farm next well worth a look at the site..
    less than a minute ago
  • tonychar thanks user 'keju' in the forum message ' toy vehicle patterns'.
    less than a minute ago
  • Chris038 joined the group Furniture
  • Chris038 uploaded a new avatar
    1 week ago
  • Hi all, new to woodworking, but keen to learn as much as I can...
    1 week ago
  • woodpecker644 uploaded a new avatar
    2 weeks ago
  • GiddyUp994 replied to the topic 'Woodworking Magazines' in the forum.
    Hi Aledson,

    choices in woodworking magazines is one of the most personalized aspects of the woodworker world. I choose magazines that have Articles which pic my interest such as fine furniture, techniques which will enhance my skill sets and jigs that allow me to accomplish specific tasks or would add an improvement to my shop. I do not subscribe to any woodworking magazine. I take a few moments at a magazine rack and if something interests me, I buy it if I know I can make good use of it.

    Your choices are two magazines which I have subscribed to for many years long ago but after awhile I found them to be repetitive in their topics and I basically out grew them. As an example, lets take articles on a cross cut sled. How many minute variations of "The Ultimate Cross Cut Sled" can there possibly be for this simple jig ? Yes it can take many forms but to see four different magazines beating on the same dead horse proclaiming the same thing is something I took notice of and it turned me off most magazines as far as subscriptions are concerned.

    Your choices are good ones and as long as you are learning something from them they are probably worth the subscription cost. My view is to cherry pick the magazine(s) available to you which have projects and techniques that you like to build. They all have their pros and cons. They also have a lot of my hard earned money. LOL There is no "one" magazine that fills my needs but that is not to say this applies to you. This is something all woodworkers struggle with at some point. Just enjoy yourself.

    3 weeks ago
  • aledson created a new topic ' Woodworking Magazines' in the forum.
    Hi everyone. I'm new to serious woodworking although I have dabbled in it all my life. I have a question about magazines. I subscribe to Woodsmith and Shopnotes because they don't have any advertising, just good woodworking info. What do the rest of you subscribe to or recommend? I get advertisements from other magazines but I can't afford to get them all. So was wondering if there any exceptionally good ones out there. Thanks for any advice available.

    3 weeks ago
  • GiddyUp994 replied to the topic 'Question on Hanger Bolts Usage' in the forum.
    Hi Chaplain Doug,

    I would stay with the two bolts without question. I see some awesome care in your joinery. Very nice.

    3 weeks ago
  • eric422 replied to the topic 'Should I Use Prestain Conditioner on Poplar Wood?' in the forum.
    Yes, I would use a pre stain conditioner on Poplar. It can get blotchy without it
    3 weeks ago
  • lots too learn...
    3 weeks ago
  • dlmalo uploaded a new avatar
    3 weeks ago
  • Normally I do not use a prestain conditioner on oak or walnut. However, I do use it on pine, as pine gets blotchy with stain without the prestain conditioner. This is the first poplar wood table I have made. The wood seems pretty porous. Is prestain conditioner a good idea for poplar?
    3 weeks ago
  • chaplaindoug created a new topic ' Question on Hanger Bolts Usage' in the forum.
    I make tables and use hanger bolts to attach legs. On the lighter tables (3/4" pine for instance) I have been using two 1/4" hanger bolts to attach each leg. On the larger or heavier tables (1"+ thick pine or oak, etc.) I use 3/8" hanger bolts. On those too I have been putting two hanger bolts for each leg.

    I just made a bench from 1"+ poplar and used just one 3/8" hanger bolt for each leg. it seems to be sufficient. However, the legs are only 17" long and so there is less torque on the hangar bolt.

    My question. Would a single 3/8" hanger bolt suffice for tables with say 3" square legs 29" long? Or is it safer and sounder to continue to use two bolts?

    I have attached a photo of the corner brackets I use on all table and some benches. The hanger bolts are configured vertically (when I use two), about 1.5" apart.

    [File Attachment: IMAG0431.jpg]
    3 weeks ago
  • eric422 replied to the topic 'Splining Boards on Table Top' in the forum.
    In my opinion, splines are helpful when it comes to lining up the boards when gluing them up. It helps prevent them from shifting upwards or downwards resulting in less work when it's time to cleaning them up.

    It could be a little stronger because you are adding a little more long-grain to
    long-grain glue surface with the biscuits. However, just edge gluing them is still very strong.

    Like Colin said, it really depends on your situation and what works the best for you. A couple things to consider would be:
    1: Are you willing to put in more work
    • Marking out all the slots for the biscuits
    • Then cutting out the slots
    • Then gluing the biscuits into the slots (making sure you don't put 2 biscuits in the same slots :whistle: )

    2: Or you can save time by
    • Not using the biscuits
    • Spreading glue over all the edges of the boards
    • Clamping them up
    • But you will be fighting the boards from shifting up or down

    It all depends on what effort you are willing to put into it and what you are comfortable doing. Either one of these options will still give you a good table top though.
    3 weeks ago