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  • Woodleif thanks user 'Colin' in the forum message ' Dowelmax-Precision-Engineered-Wood-Joinery-'.
    17 hours 59 minutes ago
  • Colin replied to the topic 'Dowelmax-Precision-Engineered-Wood-Joinery-' in the forum.
    Nope - I am wrong, I just noticed on the Dowelmax website there is a link for Metric Dowelmax that I never noticed before.
  • Sorry Leif, I am wrong ... apparently there IS a metric Dowelmax version.
    I just saw a link to it on their website ...
  • Colin replied to the topic 'Router table lift' in the forum.
    Like all things, there are pros can cons to each. The lifts that raise the router body come in a number of sizes depending on what router you own, so you have to make sure you get the right one. The good thing about them is you don't have to move things off your table to raise and lower.

    Aside from the fact that the Dowelmax is fast, the nice thing that I like about it is while it is in the up position, I can very accurately set my depth by viewing down the table ... otherwise I am on my knees trying to set the depth. The first time I used the dowelmax I forgot to lock my fence and when I lifted the table of course the fence fell off ... no damage, but made me aware of it.
  • Woodleif created a new topic ' Dowelmax-Precision-Engineered-Wood-Joinery-' in the forum.
    Hi there does anyone know if this Doweling jig is compatibel with millimeters?

    a 10 millimeter plug for example or a 8 mill. plug?

    Be grateful for answers to this one. :unsure:
  • Woodleif thanks user 'Colin' in the forum message ' Router table lift'.
    2 days ago
  • Woodleif uploaded a new avatar
    2 days ago
  • How can I make an accurate table saw fence for a 10" delta table saw?
    3 days ago
  • Pretty sad, I forgot I even was a member of this site. To much work and not enough woodworking. LOL
    1 week ago
  • DA71 created a new topic ' An Inquiry on Cedar' in the forum.
    Hello, all.

    Thanks, Woodwork Web, for having me in this fine space.

    Background: I'm one of those "painter by choice, woodworker by accident" guys. (Dime a dozen, right? Ha!) On rare occasion, the job requires me to work wood beyond scraping, filling, and sanding. In such cases, I like to make absolutely sure I'm using best practices; hence, here I am.

    Question: Is there a certain sealer out there that does "the best" job of priming cedar? (Unless I'm best-advised against it, I plan to use Kilz oil-based int/ext as I typically do for bare wood.)

    Context: I'll be replacing frieze boards, rake fascia, drip-edge trim and drip-edge fascia on a painted house here in North Texas. The material, S1S2E cedar (see attached photo), will be plowed to receive the soffit, installed with the rough side out, and finish-coated with acrylic latex. (And yes, I bought the cedar at one of those "home improvement centers." Be gentle.)

    [File Attachment: cedar_rough-side.jpg]

    Thanks for your time, fellas. If this forum is anything like the YouTube channel, I can expect the soundest counsel and very interesting discussions.

    Dan A.
    Frisco, TX
    2 weeks ago
  • Glen created a new topic ' Bent lamination' in the forum.
    Does anybody have an opinion or advice on making bent laminations using 1/4" plywood or luan as a backer & veneering the face with 1/4" solid wood?

    Just thinking out loud. The edges would only show when looking up from the floor. I doubt the cats could tell I didn't use solid wood.

    My main concern would be the strength of the tenons where the curved apron attaches to the legs.

    Thank You one & all!!
    2 weeks ago
  • gg122 uploaded a new avatar
    2 weeks ago
  • Standish uploaded a new avatar
    2 weeks ago
  • goldy thanks user 'david cooksey' in the forum message ' Examples of Homemade Router Lifts'.
    3 weeks ago
  • RAW
    beginners luck
    3 weeks ago
  • paljenik shared a video
    02. Router circle cutting - Multi Purpose Router Jig 00:00
    02. Router circle cutting - Multi Purpose Router Jig
    I cut out 75 cm moulding for pizza oven.
    View location 4 weeks ago
  • paljenik shared a video
    How To Make 19mm (3/4in) Bench Dogs 00:00
    How To Make 19mm (3/4in) Bench Dogs
    I created this video to share my way of making bench dogs and to save money. I'm not professional in woodworking but I'm not professional in making...
    View location 4 weeks ago