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Recent activities

  • hi , i like to make my own tools
    2 days ago
  • I currently working on getting my garage set up. So far, since moving to Wichita KS, I have built two work benches, an Air Compressor cart, and an Entertainment center for the living room.
    less than a minute ago
  • GiddyUp994 is friends with Glen
  • tezp1936 uploaded a new avatar
    1 week ago
  • sparrowwood uploaded a new avatar
    1 week ago
  • GiddyUp994 replied to the topic 'Hall Table Project' in the forum.
    Looking good Eric !!!

    1 week ago
  • continued from previous post
    Because if you cut one at a time on that jig it is possible that they will not fit because there is not a definite index am I correct on that
    2 weeks ago
  • Colin I was watching your video on making the box joint jig I am a little new to making box joints but I have made a few I made one using the miter gauge on my table saw where you cut one at a time and it works ok but the one you have made with redi - rod looks like it works pretty well Now what I am seeing is that you have to cut the complete set at once so that they will have to fit together
    2 weeks ago
  • Glen replied to the topic '1/4 sawn White Oak' in the forum.
    Thank you Derek. All I ever try to do in the shop is my best.

    Congratulations on the new equipment & the dust collection system. I'm jealous!! Altho I will be picking up a Delta dust collector in the near future from a good Friend. B)

    I also have some jigs to build. I'm gonna make an adjustable miter sled for repetitive cuts up to 36" long. This will really test my patience getting it built the way I want it.

    Have fun & keep the blades sharp Derek!!

    2 weeks ago
  • Glen replied to the topic 'Right or left side circular saw' in the forum.
    Porter Cable used to make a left handed saw. However I believe it was very pricey. Derek has given very good advice. Especially the initial set-up before making the cut.

    I've also found that setting your horses up then laying a piece of ridged foam insulation across them with your sheet goods on top eliminate any kick back or dropped pieces as it is the same size as your sheet goods.

    I have used most of the saws on the market at one time or another over the past 20+ years & never really fell in love with one until just a few years ago. It is the Ridgid M#R32022. Very little jump when you pull the trigger. More power than you'll need for sheet goods. Easy depth adjustments as well as bevel adjustments.

    IMHO the most important aspects of using any circular saw is safety glasses first & foremost then your set-up like Derek mentioned. Be sure to keep your work area clean since you will be moving around the panel as you cut.

    Blade depth is important as well. I set mine to just cut thru by 1/8" at the very most.

    2 weeks ago
  • jessie72 thanks user 'GiddyUp994' in the forum message ' Right or left side circular saw'.
    2 weeks ago
  • jessie72 thanks user 'GiddyUp994' in the forum message ' Right or left side circular saw'.
    2 weeks ago