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Recent activities

  • mmaheu uploaded a new avatar
    4 hours 55 minutes ago
  • GiddyUp994 replied to the topic 'Butcher Block Project' in the forum.
    Very nice Eric. Thanks for the Pics as well.

    2 days ago
  • eric422 created a new topic ' Butcher Block Project' in the forum.
    Here is a butcher block that I made for someone out of Maple, Mahogany, and Walnut. This one took longer than I thought it would. The boards were twisting quite a bit when I was cutting them out to their rough size. So I had to make sure to flatten one side for each of them, then plane them to final thickness. Once I got that down, then I was able to square them up on the table saw, clean up the edges, then glued them together.

    [File Attachment: IMG_05571.JPG]

    [File Attachment: IMG_05681.JPG]

    [File Attachment: IMG_05751.JPG]
    4 days ago
  • eoagca uploaded a new avatar
    2 weeks ago
  • Colin replied to the topic 'Porter Cable router recall notice' in the forum.
    Thanks for this Glen ... this will affect many of our subscribers

    2 weeks ago
  • dunbar20 replied to the topic 'Dust retention on router based planer jig' in the forum.
    Colin, thank you for your kind comments. regards Colin Farrier
    2 weeks ago
  • dunbar20 thanks user 'Colin' in the forum message ' Dust retention on router based planer jig'.
    2 weeks ago
  • dunbar20 created a new topic ' Dust retention on router based planer jig' in the forum.
    Hi I am a home woodworker based in Northern Ireland and I have learned so much from Colin Knecht's Utube presentations. I do not have the resources to buy major machines and I have built a table saw and router table. Now I have some pallet boards and I needed a planer to clean and flatten them. I have built a six foot jig base on which the board is clamped with cams to accomodate small bows and twists. The bridge or carrier for the router runs above the jig to mill the surfsace. It is very good in cleaning and flattening but so very dirty. About 80% of the dust and chips are shot all round my workshop. I have now taken measures to contain the problem. I bought several strips if draft excluding brushes. It was tricky getting the brush strips in the right position and avoiding the guiding surfaces. I have done it and now I retain about 80% of the dust and chips. I shall attempt to post some photos in a separate post but this may take some time as computer technology is required. Regards Colin Farrier
    3 weeks ago
  • akmetal replied to the topic 'Walnut Desk' in the forum.
    I was thinking something more like this. With maybe 2 small drawers (around 4.75" high)

    Only made of walnut where the legs completely deattach and reattach without any wear on the wood.

    Perhaps with an all metal larger beefy version of several of the connections in the attached picture

    [File Attachment: woodconnector.jpg]
    3 weeks ago