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Recent activities

  • GiddyUp994 replied to the topic 'Band saw dilemma' in the forum.
    I have no idea Glen. These motors tend to be on the expensive side new so check your local yard sale sites, Kijiji etc and find a used one. Good luck !

    3 hours 41 minutes ago
  • Glen created a new topic ' Band saw dilemma' in the forum.
    Hi all. I just brought home a new unopened Craftsman 2 speed 9" bandsaw. Now keep in mind I have no idea how old this saw is & neither does Sears. The packing tape on the box has yellowed & the manual inside has yellowed a bit too.

    Sears wouldn't even venture a guess on it's age. It did come with a 1 1/4" resaw blade plus 4 narrower blades & a leg set if anybody remembers this kit.

    At any rate I broke the tape on the box & began assembly. Set the saw on the stand & went for the motor assembly.

    No motor in the box!! It calls for a 1725RPM 3/4HP Capacitor start 56NEMA frame motor. Does anybody have one of these laying around or know of a place to get one or it's equivalent?

    I have 2 shops here to check locally today.

    Thanks to all!!
    8 hours 4 minutes ago
  • ZMAX2014 created a new topic ' mellow and full ,polishing,Buddha beads RF-520' in the forum.
    process buddha beads [video]
    4 days ago
  • Colin replied to the topic 'Hand made woodworking tools' in the forum.
    Nice job Eric ...

    3 weeks ago
  • Colin replied to the topic 'Planers .........' in the forum.
    Ah .... guess I should have asked what you are doing with the wood ... lol

    Sure, you can plane some of the roughness off any time.

    Would love to see some pics of this when it is done ... sound like this is my kind of project Scott
    3 weeks ago
  • dsjdky thanks user 'Colin' in the forum message ' Planers .........'.
    3 weeks ago
  • dsjdky created a new topic ' Planers .........' in the forum.
    Hi from Eastern Kentucky, thought i might pick your alls brain for a second. i have 2000 board feet of popular wood 1" thick and varying from 3" to 8" wide ...... It is all rough cut.....i thought about running it through a planer real quick just to knock off some of the roughness ...... i thought about getting a DeWalt DW735X 13" you think that would work? Thanks in advance for any help!!

    3 weeks ago
  • Avner uploaded a new avatar
    3 weeks ago
  • Glen replied to the topic 'Flocking tips' in the forum.
    Thanks Derek. I was thinking along those same lines hoping the molded feather details would help keep a flat sheen. That's what I'm going to try when I get some spray finish.

    I also figure by the time I get around to that part,, the spray adhesive would have had a couple weeks of beautiful Ohio 80* weather to have cured in. I think you're spot on with the light coats that lay on top more than soak into the flocking.

    It's great to be back. Just wish I had more time but this is my busy season & I'll get back in the shop & on the Forums again soon!!
    3 weeks ago
  • eric422 thanks user 'Glen' in the forum message ' Butcher Block Project'.
    4 weeks ago
  • GiddyUp994 replied to the topic 'Bandsaw Box and Inlayed Walnut Picture Frame' in the forum.
    LOL Thanks Glen.

    I sure loved making them. It's great to hear from you again Glen.

    4 weeks ago
  • Glen created a new topic ' Flocking tips' in the forum.
    Hello everybody!! Been a good Summer here so far. Work has been good so I haven't been around much. It's good to catch back up here. Seen some very nice work has been posted. Congratulations to the fine craftsmen that have created these pieces!! B)

    I picked up some flocking the other day & am using it on some crow decoys. I covered 6 with spray adhesive then put them in the bag with some flocking & shook it up & rolled it around covering all the glue. I think they turned out Purdy good & now I'm wondering what,, or even if,, I can top coat them with to keep them from chipping & flaking off & still keep that matte sheen?

    Flat spray on poly comes to mind. I might have to get some & start experimenting.

    4 weeks ago
  • Glen replied to the topic 'Butcher Block Project' in the forum.
    The colors look great on that Eric!! Nice job!!
    4 weeks ago