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Recent activities

  • GiddyUp994 replied to the topic 'A couple things I've made.' in the forum.
    Beautiful work Glen. The pens are really cool and something I have never done. Thank you for sharing some of your work with us.

    6 hours 55 minutes ago
  • Glen created a new topic ' A couple things I've made.' in the forum.
    I call this the 1870's laptop. Diane pays the bills out of this. Made from scrap woods of Cherry Pine & Walnut. Curly Maple pen/pencil set.


    Bolt action pens in AAA Claro Walnut & one River Buffalo horn. I need to set the camera date. LOL

    Diane's curly Cherry jewelry box.
    9 hours 31 minutes ago
  • RMIGHTY1 uploaded a new avatar
    11 hours ago
  • chevysman21 uploaded a new avatar
  • dsjdky replied to the topic 'Mail Orgnaizer' in the forum.
    That is really great!!
  • I would like to build a stand to hold my wood planer
    2 days ago
  • Chris038, agamore, ericksenr joined the group Furniture
  • Colin replied to the topic 'Home Made Lumber' in the forum.
    Mmmmm ... cherry, we pay dearly for that kind of wood around here, nicely done, some great looking lumber
    4 days ago
  • Glen replied to the topic 'End Grain Cutting Boards' in the forum.
    Just wanted to add that I've been wearing the cloth gloves with the rubber palms. Great grip & help in the splinter department. Plus my hands don't dry out & crack nearly as bad here in the dry cold Winter air of Ohio. I looked around til I found a very soft & pliable pair in the cold. I'll get you the name of them if you're interested.
    4 days ago
  • Glen created a new topic ' Dovetail joint question.' in the forum.
    Hello all. I know I haven't been around much lately & I do miss seeing what's happening here. So I just spent the last bit of time catching up here. It's nice seeing what you are all designing & building.

    I do have a question tho. I'm going to be building drawers with 1/2 blind dovetails. How do I get the length of the sides & the front & back so I end up with a,, for example,, 15" wide drawer by 22"deep? I think I need to make the front & backs to length & the sides plus 5/8" for the front dovetail. The backs will be held in place in a dado in the sides & I can figure that out. :laugh:

    Thank You & I have some pics to share when I get some more time!! B) B)
    4 days ago
  • Glen replied to the topic 'Best wood for frame?' in the forum.
    Purpleheart is a nice wood for what you want to do but keep in mind the purple is only there while being machined & sanded. Over time it will turn brownish.

    Having said that I've made a few mirrors these last couple years & always use a quarter sawn wood. It is more stable & beautiful. The mirror you're making is a large mirror so you have more room for the frame to move, twist, & even bow. I'm certainly not a wood expert but I do know it moves.

    Here's a 30" X 40" mirror I made last Winter from 1/4 sawn White Oak.

    2 smaller quartersawn curly Ash mirrors.

    I hope this helps in some way.
    4 days ago
  • barrettsre replied to the topic 'Woodworking Charts' in the forum.
    Thanks SMK. Only joined today, but could have used the drill chart yesterday when making a Sprouting Jar Rack for she who never obeys me.

    5 days ago
  • Over the holiday I had a chance to sell my carvings. My show was a great success. This was my 2nd year for this show. All my inventory was sold in about 3 hours. I felt like my pricing was fair to me and my customers. Price ranges from $5 to $75.
    1 week ago
  • tompritch uploaded a new avatar
    1 week ago
  • miltonwood uploaded a new avatar
    1 week ago