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colin_paulWelcome to woodworkweb, the interactive resource for all woodworkers. We encourage visitors to Sign-Up and join our woodworking community. Members can participate in our woodworking forums, set-up their own profiles, add images, post videos and get access to member only woodworking ebooks and woodworking plans.

(Left: Paul Dalcanale and Colin Knecht, Creators of Woodworkweb)

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Artist Judson Beaumont

beaumontIf we are lucky, in our lifetimes we will encounter those who go beyond the bounds of "what's normal". These people often shape the future for many of us because of their innovative ideas and creations. If we are really lucky we will actually get to meet people like this and if we are struck-by-lightning lucky, one of these people will actually agree to be Feature Member. This issue Woodworkweb is delighted to feature the truly outstanding creations of Judson Beaumont ...

To read the full article on Judson Beaumont and see images of his project, click "read more" below for the full article